Common Services 

  • Flood clean-ups
  • Mold prevention
  • Anti-Microbial Treatments
  • Structure Drying, Carpet Drying, Walls & Ceilings 
  • Sewage Clean-Ups
  • Silt Removal Due to Basement Flooding
  • Exterior Pressure Washing 
  • Sell and Install new carpeting and padding

Upholstery Cleaning:

Your home or facility makes a statement to your customers or guests. Let us care for your upholstery (sofas, couches, love-seats, ottomans, chairs, drapery, steps), fabric office systems, and other fabric surfaces that can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime. We care for all types of furniture, upholstery, cars, campers, boats, and any other vehicles that have interior fabrics.

Other Services include 

  • On-Site Grout & Tile Cleaning & Sealing
  • Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting Methods
  • Mold prevention & Mildew Treatment 
  • Water Damage Control 
  • Sewage Clean-up Pressure Washing 

Tile & Grout 

Over the years, floor surfaces such as vinyl, ceramic, stone, and tile are exposed to the open environment and attract dirt and grime. eliminating harmful bacteria by thoroughly disinfecting mold and fungus on tile and in grout. Resealing grout services also available. Most of this dirt settles between tiles and in crevices where  a simple tooth brush or household cleaners just won't reach. Dirty tile and grout can make your formerly elegant bathroom or kitchen look aged and disgusting.


V.C.T Tile Striping and Refinishing

At Sawicki, we strip and refinish commercial V.C.T tile floors in offices, stores, or homes. We can restore the original luster to your old dingy worn out vinyl tile floors.

Carpet cleaning

Before we begin cleaning your carpet, we will walk you through the entire 7-step process.

1. Pre-Inspection

During the in-home consultation, we provide a comprehensive overview of what to expect from our cleaning process. We also invite you to point out any areas of concern before providing you with a free quote.

2. Pre-Vacuum

We pre-vacuum all the areas that will be cleaned to make sure all damaging soil is cleaned up, adding life to your carpet. After vacuuming, we place corner guards around every corner that will be in the path of our hoses to protect your house.

3. Pre-Condition

Pre-conditioning is one of the most important step in the entire process. A powerful cleaning solution is applied to dislodge any stains that have not already damaged your carpet fibers.

4. Agitation

We agitate the carpet and upholstery fibers using high pressure as we rinse the fibers to increase the benefits of the pre-conditioning. This means that we’re able to get deep into the fiber, removing all of the stain not just what appears on the surface.

5. Extraction

During extraction, we use our powerful truck mount to remove the solution we applied along with all the dirt and grease that use to be in your carpet. This step rinses out the fibers in your carpet and leaves them like new again.

6. Set Pile

Setting the pile, also known as grooming the carpet, allows for faster drying time and leaves your carpet looking softer.

7. Protect Furniture

Once we are finished cleaning your carpet, we make sure to protect your furniture by laying down protective cards. This ensures that your furniture does not stain your carpet.

Carpet Protector

*Mention this website and you get a free application of carpet protector in traffic areas

The carpet in your home is an investment. Manufacturers protect the carpet with only a light mist that does not last long and they recommend having your carpet protected every time you have them clean. We want to help you protect your carpet by offering you our carpet protector and receiving the most out of your investment. Protecting your carpet means making vacuuming a breeze, cleaning up spills easier, and slowing down the wear down process in high traffic areas. So, ask more about the protector when you schedule your appointment.